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“I was invited to participate in a weekend camp run by Bill Laimbeer, former center for the Pistons. Instead of doing that I chose to participate in a local summer camp, Shaw’s Hoop Dreams, because why would I travel any distance when there is a killer camp right here that will teach me the same things, only better? Mr. Shaw is awesome! And so are all the other coaches and helpers.”

Molly, age 13


Since attending Shaw’s Hoop Dreams Camps my daughter has been scouted by travel team coaches, successfully placed on both her junior and senior school basketball teams, won tournaments and medalled in various Championship exhibitions. I firmly believe this was brought about by what she has learned at these camps. Her talent is her own, her level of competence and skills were honed by the professionalism found at Shaw’s Hoop Dreams.

Dr. P. Ricciardi


It is rare to find a camp where not only basketball skills are taught, but professional competitiveness, a winning spirit and a value for teammates is both respected and encouraged. Shaw’s Hoop Dreams delivers all that and more with its extremely well-organized, high energy, sports driven camps. My daughter’s talents have been enhanced as has her self-confidence, consideration for others and understanding of the game she loves. She is continually challenged much to her and our delight.

Kim Arnaut


Coach Shaw taught me how to have fun playing basketball. I am excited to learn new skills and drills with him.

Jack – Age 11


My children have attended many of Mr. Shaw’s exciting basketball camps. His camps are extremely fun and well organized! The students are constantly moving and are always engaged in various activities. They learn the basic fundamental skills of basketball through drills and games. The improvement in my children’s skills after just one camp was amazing! Their improved skills have definitely increased their self-esteem, especially when they can shoot better than mom and dad.

L. Montemurri
( Elementary teacher)


I want to sign up again for his camp to practice playing basketball. I want to learn new basketball tricks and have fun with Mr. Shaw and play bump.

Harry -Age 7


My daughter Aleena has attended many of the Shaw’s Hoop Dreams Camps. She thoroughly enjoys being part of this great learning experience. Not only does she improve her basketball skills, she also benefits greatly from the social experience. This has been a thrill for her and I highly recommend this camp for all ages. Thanks, Mr. Shaw!!

Tariq Malik


All Coach Shaw wants for you is to get better. Within the first day he knows your strengths and weaknesses and then gives you tips that help you work on both of them. At the camp we play plenty of different games, with lot of skills and drills. He also teaches you good sportsmanship and not to be a sore loser. It is great to meet all the kids there and make new friends.

Alessia M


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  1. Hamza says:

    1 year B.C. (Before Camp)
    I was the WORST in my grade.
    1 year A.S. (After Shaw)
    I made the team.
    Thank You

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